Operator Training

Your business relies on a staff of well-educated and skilled equipment operators.

Heavy equipment operator training boosts productivity by showing your operators how to complete tasks in a more efficient manner. From this, your machines will experience less wear and tear, use less fuel, and lower hydraulic and transmission operating temperatures. In turn, the life of your equipment will be extended and operating costs will be lower, helping your bottom line.

Invest in your employees with an operator training course conducted by Empire and benefit from instruction on the latest operating guidelines, techniques, and tips! Our courses provide skills-training in how to properly operate equipment such as:

Operator Training
  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Landfill Compaction Equipment
  • Motor Graders
  • Off Highway Trucks
  • Dozers
  • Telehandlers
  • Track Type Tractors
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Wheel Tractor Scrapers


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Training Courses for All Skill Levels

No matter your skill level, Empire Operator Training has a course for you. We provide six different class levels based on experience, which provide thorough instruction for professional heavy equipment operators. Check out photos below from past training sessions!


Our Operator Training Center

Training takes place at our dedicated training center in Eloy, Arizona and is led by our team of Caterpillar® certified, industry leading experts. Arrangements can be made to hold training at your site to better accommodate specific training needs, if desired.

We offer a two to one student to instructor ratio, comprehensive training sessions, air conditioning in our classrooms, simulators that approximate field machinery, and in-field machine application. Our training classes are offered in both English and Spanish to fully benefit bi-lingual companies.


Free Job Assessment Available

Is your job running as smoothly as possible? A simple jobsite assessment can identify key opportunities:

  • Fleet Match
  • Proper Application
  • Haul Road Design
  • Operating Techniques
  • Payload Quality
  • Cycle Times
  • Bucket Fill Factors
  • Machine Condition
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Course List

Level 1: Beginner Operator

This entry-level course is excellent for beginning operators or those who need instruction on a machine they aren’t familiar with. Topics include safety, machine inspection, cab and control locations and operation, and fundamental technique training.
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Level 2: Single Machine Experienced Operator

Our Level 2 course is designed for operators who possess field experience, but are only familiar with one type of machine. We cover safety, machine inspection, cab and controls, fundamental techniques, interpretation of international safety & function symbols, familiarization with major components, techniques that minimize component damage, operation and maintenance manual review, and machine application.
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Level 3: Mixed Fleet Experienced Operator

This course is designed for operators with three or more years of experience who have not previously attended a professional training course to improve their performance. Topics include safety, productivity, and machine reliability.
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Level 4: Expert Operator

Experienced machine operators who need training to understand new tasks can benefit from our Level 4 training course. We cover safety, productivity, and machine reliability.
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Level 5: Train the Trainer

Do you plan to utilize your staff operators as trainers? Take our Level 5 course and learn how to develop your employees into in-house trainers.
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Level 6: Supervisor Training

Our Level 6 course covers supervisor training. Areas of focus include cycle time management, operator evaluations, feedback templates, production monitoring, and best practices.
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