Rental Agreements: The Options

RentalOptionsDaily, Weekly or Monthly Equipment Rental 

Rent construction equipment by the day, the week, the month or longer – Empire’s standard rental agreement covers whatever length of time a machine is needed. The equipment rental agreement is good until the machine is either returned to Empire Cat or we get a call to pick it up.

Multi-Unit Equipment Rental

Need more than one machine? Multi-unit equipment rentals are often eligible for discounts, and occasionally specific machines can be included at greatly reduced rates. Be sure to ask about a custom-tailored rental package! 

Lease / Purchase

Empire’s lease/purchase option (LPO) works well for those who want to test a machine’s performance before they buy it. An LPO  rent-to-own scenario allows equity to build during the equipment rental period, and rental payments are then applied toward the machine’s purchase price if it is purchased within 90 days of the agreement (on select machines, equity starts building from day one).

The LPO isn’t just for construction equipment rental fleet machines: it applies to all equipment in Empire inventory, including brand-new, zero-hour machines! There’s no better way to thoroughly test a machine than to operate it, and no safer investment than an Empire LPO agreement! 

Visit our new online RENTAL STORE or call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about your equipment rental options: by day, by week, by month or rent-to-own!

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