Off-Road/Off-Highway diesel emissions

off road off highway cat diesel engine solutions Whether it's for the construction, quarry and aggregate, waste, or any other industry powered by Cat diesel engines, Empire's Emissions Solutions Team can help you meet today's strict emissions requirements, and help ready your fleet for future contracts.  Off-road diesel engine emissions can be reduced with four different options:

  • Catalyzed converter/muffler
  • Diesel particulate filters
  • Diesel repower solutions
  • Emissions upgrade groups

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diesel oxidation catalyst DOCDiesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC)
Diesel oxidation catalysts are one of the aftertreatment products available from Empire Emissions Solutions to lower emissions from the in-use population of diesel engines. A diesel oxidation catalyst is an aftertreatment device employed to reduce CO, HC, and the soluble organic fraction (SOF) of PM. They are relatively small and inexpensive.

Oxidation catalysts are typically sized to replace the existing muffler and do not require any maintenance. They reduce PM by about 20% (this percentage depends on how much of the total PM is attributable to SOF) and are very efficient at reducing CO and HC, with efficiencies of about 85% and 60%, respectively. They do not reduce NOx.

In addition to Caterpillar's extensive experience with the development of oxidation catalysts for new on-highway engines, hundreds of in-use machines have been retrofitted with this technology. Caterpillar refers to DOCs that replace the existing muffler as Catalyzed Converter/Mufflers (CCM). Caterpillar CCMs are available for over 160 Caterpillar machine models.
diesel particulate matter filters DPFParticulate Matter Filters
Particulate matter filters- also referred to as Diesel Particulate Filters, or DPFs - are one of the after treatment products available from Empire Emissions Solutions to lower emissions from the in-use population of diesel engines.

PM Filters are used primarily to reduce PM, CO and HC from diesel engine exhaust through catalytic oxidation and filtration. These filters are self regenerating, which means they do not need to be replaced, but, instead will "burn off" the accumulated soot periodically.

For proper regeneration, the exhaust temp must exceed 260 degrees C at least 40% to 50% of the time and sulfur content of the diesel fuel must not exceed 50 ppm. PM Filters can reduce PM, CO and HC by 80% to 90%.
emission repowerEmission Repower
An Emissions Repower is one of the solutions offered by Empire Emissions Solutions to reduce exhaust emissions from existing, or in-use, Cat machines. Emissions Repower is the replacement of an in-use engine with a new or Cat Reman engine that achieves lower emissions levels.

NOTE: These engines are not direct replacements. Some fit more than one application and the horsepower and torque for power train reliability and safety are our main concerns. Some engines will need to have components transferred from the old engine to the new engine. These items may include flywheels, regulator housings, etc. Conversion kits are based on dealer feed back as well as engineering research. Some additional components will need to be purchased that are not included in the conversion kits. It is the dealer's responsibility to include these modifications, and the labor to make these changes, in the quote for the emissions reduction.
empire emissions upgrade group Emissions Upgrade
An Emissions Upgrade Group is one of the solutions offered by Empire Emissions Solutions to reduce emissions from the existing, or in-use, population of Cat machine engines. These groups include an upgraded turbocharger, fuel pump/governor, nozzles, cylinder packs and installation parts.

3306 and 3406 engines can emit lower emissions levels when specific emissions upgrade group components are installed by a Cat Dealer. Equipped with all the emissions upgrade parts, the emissions upgrade groups are released as paper kits (special instructions must be followed).

The engine, marked with an emissions label, will be equipped with an indicator in the field that it achieves lower emissions levels. The engine will receive a new arrangement number and information label and get the same proven components used in later model engines.
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