Emissions Solutions

empire air quality emissions solutions  Every state is required to meet the National Ambient Air Quality standards per the authority of the Clean Air Act. Business owners are required to comply with increasingly strict new emissions standards for their construction equipment machinery, trucks and power equipment. Achieving compliance withthese emissions standards can be a complex, expensive and somewhat daunting process at best.


We offer our customers cost effective emission solutions for Off-Road/Off-Highway and Stationary Engine by protecting their investments while meeting challenging national, state, local and site emissions restrictions.

  • Repowers (machines engine replacements)
  • Engine upgrade groups (updating an engine with newer lower emissions components)
  • Diesel particulate filters (85% or greater engine PM reduction)
  • Diesel oxidation catalysts (85% Carbon Monoxide Reduction)
  • Leveraging recent engine and after-treatment advancements


To support our clients, Empire created an Emissions Solutions Team. This group’s mission is to educate fleet owners about the new emissions requirements and help navigate the maze of calculations, rules and regulations that apply to them. They can then determine the most cost-effective options for bringing their fleet into emissions compliance. 

Contact us today for more information on emissions solutions for your fleet at 1-888-228-7693!

For all your Emissions Solutions questions, contact one of our Power Systems emissions experts.

Off-Road/Off-Highway Solutions:  Andy Sutherland 480-633-4996

On-Highway Emissions Solutions: Mike Shannon 602-333-5601

Stationary Emissions Solutions: Matt Fennemore 602-333-5668

ATCM  Airborne Toxic Control Measure – i.e. Regulation

BACT  Best Available Control Technology

CARB  California Air Resources Board (Also ARB)

DPF  Diesel Particulate Filter

NOx  Oxides of Nitrogen

PM  Diesel Particulate Matter

VDECS  Verified Diesel Emission Control System

  • SitechBW
  • SafetyBW
  • RentalColor
  • CatbW
  • TIER