Equipment Field Service, Repair & Maintenance

Empire Field Service has nine convenient dispatch locations in Mesa, Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff, Imperial, Kingman, Show Low, Safford and Yuma. These locations, combined with a vast parts inventory and multiple shifts, provide the capability of dispatching service technicians to jobsites across all of Arizona and areas of southeastern California within an average of 3 hours for most repairs.

The Trucks

empire field service repair technicians  

With a combined fleet of nearly 200 field service trucks, Empire has the resources to get the job done when you need it most. Each service truck is equipped with an on-board 32-foot boom crane, capable of lifting 10,000 pounds at full extension. These trucks are also furnished with the latest in diagnostic and repair technology. This guarantees the technician will have the right tool for the job - every time!



Knuckle-boom Truck Service


When your job requires more muscle, Empire offers state-wide knuckle-boom truck service. It is the right solution for your heavy lifting and hauling needs. Our knuckle-boom trucks are 50,000 pound capacity with mounted crane and have the ability to haul 80,000 pounds (with trailer). Our capabilities get any job done with mobile service ranging from repairs to re-locations, load calibrations and much more.

The Technicians

Technicians Fied Service 

Empire service technicians have an average of ten years of experience and are among the most highly skilled in the industry. Each technician utilizes a laptop computer equipped with the latest diagnostic software in the industry such as Cat Electronic Technician, Cat Product Link System, Service Information System Web, and much more. With these, we ensure the most accurate information is used when tracking, troubleshooting and maintaining your fleet.


The Services

Welding & Machining

Welding and Machining Field Service

We have some of the top welders in the industry and ten welding/machining trucks on-hand. With a virtual machine shop on wheels at your disposal, we can eliminate the time and cost of transporting your machine off-site for repairs. Our welding and machining team provides work tool repairs, precision machining, custom welding and fabricating services anywhere you're located. We have experts in:

  • on-site line boring and refurbishing
  • portable milling
  • large frame casting replacements
  • articulation joints
  • mold board repair/replacement
  • liner package installs
  • extensive frame repairs
  • resurfacing and confined space operations

Shop Paving

Empire has paving technicians that are Dealer-trained and equipped to provide 24/7 repair solutions on all Cat and a wide variety of allied paving equipment.

Lube & Fuel

Lube and Fuel 24 hour Field Service

Available 24 hours per day, Monday-Saturday, with 24 lube trucks to provide territory-wide coverage! Field lube utilizes state-of-the-art servicing systems and provides environmentally safe waste removal and disposal. We're capable of handling a large range of services in the field including:

  • mobile fueling
  • inspections
  • scheduled oil sampling
  • preventative maintenance services
Learn more about Mobile Fuel and Lube Services.


Schedule Field Service Now

Whether you need a quick fix, an oil change or have a major in-frame repair, Empire is here. There is no job too big or too small. Schedule today!



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