Many business owners and operators put off the purchase of a much-needed piece of equipment because they believe the process of financing a machine is a major hassle. Financing your machine or work tool purchase does not need to be a difficult process. Empire’s financial programs are among the most competitive in the industry, and our full-service finance and merchandising team has the experience to identify the best plan for your situation and then guide you through the process. We’ll also help you sort through the various heavy equipment leasing and financing options to determine which is best for you. This is our way of showing how much we value our relationship with you!



Finance options include:

  • Installment loans enable you to make a down payment or trade-in, acquire Cat equipment and then structure payments over a period of time. They offer the lowest total cost option for ownership, and allow you to claim ownership benefits like depreciation and interest-expense deductions.
  • Operating leases let you use Cat equipment with options to return it at the end of the lease term, extend the lease or purchase the equipment.
  • Finance leases give you the option to own equipment under lease. Choose one of two options for lease-end. You can structure the heavy equipment leasing on a full payout basis or you can select a construction equipment leasing option that allows you either to buy the equipment at a predetermined price or return it. Either way, in most cases you can claim the benefits of ownership for tax purposes.
  • Governmental lease-purchase plans offer low interest rates and flexible terms in the United States to qualified non-federal government agencies — such as city, county and state governments; public authorities; or school, park and water conservation districts. The income we receive is tax-exempt, so we pass the savings on through special low interest rates. Plus, if budgets aren’t approved or funding falls through, we’ll cancel the contract and allow you to return the equipment without penalty.

Which option is best?

At Empire, we recognize choosing between construction equipment leasing and financing isn't always easy. To help you select the right financing or equipment leasing option, we work to understand your business needs. Then we structure a plan that fits those needs — whether it’s helping you meet cash flow requirements, freeing up existing bank lines for other purchases or arranging a variable payment schedule. No matter what the situation, we work with you to help you prosper. Contact us today to learn more about your financing and leasing options  1-800-EMPIRE-1.

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